The Best Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Finding out you’re going to be a parent is a lifechanging moment. You’ve already gone through it – now, you need to reveal your pregnancy to your husband.

What’s the best way to reveal your pregnancy to your husband? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular methods available today – including some time-honored methods that have remained popular for decades.

Give Him a Baby Outfit or Baby Shoes

One of the classic ways to tell a husband about a pregnancy is to buy a piece of baby’s clothing – like a onesie. During the early stages of pregnancy, you won’t know whether or not it’s a boy or girl, so you should keep this outfit gender neutral. Onesies are a popular option, but tiny baby shoes can also work.

Buy a baby onesie that says, “I love my daddy” on it. Put it in a box and give it to your husband as a gift.  Watch the surprise on his face as he opens up the gift, looks at it in confusion, then slowly realizes what it means.

The best part about this gift is that you’re going to need it when the baby is born!

Wear a Shirt that Says “I’m Pregnant”

This is a good (and slightly devious) way to test how observant your husband is. Wear a shirt that flat-out tells your husband about your pregnancy. You can buy shirts that say, “I’m pregnant”, for example, or shirts that say, “Preggers”. Some of the shirts have floral print or flowery lettering, so they look innocent at first glance.

Wear the shirt around the house. Wear it out to dinner. Wear it on a date. See how long it takes him to notice.

Cupcakes and Other Dessert Surprises

You can find cupcake or cake toppers that feature a word like “baby” on top. Bake your husband a cake or cupcake with that topper, then watch the surprise as you give him the dessert. It’s a fun, adorable, and sweet way to tell a man he’s going to be a father.

Box of Chocolates

Sometimes, you can take the cupcake idea a step further. Make or buy a box of chocolates. Have each chocolate signify a letter. Spell out something like, “You’re Going To Be a Dad” or “I Love You Dad”. Your husband can open the box of chocolates to reveal the big surprise.

Beer and Other Alcohol Surprises

Maybe your husband prefers a good beer over a good dessert. There are a few different ways to handle this reveal. You can walk in with a tall, cold glass of beer and a smaller, “baby” beer beside it. You could use an airplane-sized bottle to signify the baby. At least with this method, the guy has an easy way to calm down after you reveal your pregnancy. Who doesn’t like a cold beer?

If you want to take this a step further, you can get bottles of whisky that feature a personalized message – or the name of the person. Typically, these bottles are used for special gifts. However, if you change the name to “Daddy”, it turns into a quick and easy pregnancy reveal. You can also find certain beer customization kits, or beer labeling kits, that let you personalize a bottle with a child’s name.

Personalized Starbucks Orders

You know at Starbucks when the barista asks for your name? Have them write daddy on your cup. Or, write it on the cup yourself. Bring it to your husband and watch the surprise as he sees the word “daddy” instead of his name.

Leave the Pregnancy Test In a Visible Spot

Out of all the methods on the list, this might be the easiest. You probably found out you were pregnant from a pregnancy test, so why can’t your husband find out that way too? Leave your positive pregnancy test in a visible spot – like on the kitchen counter, attached to your fridge, or in his underwear drawer.

Use a Funny Card

A funny card is another easy way to tell your man about the pregnancy – especially if he doesn’t like dramatic surprises. There are pregnancy cards at any card store, ranging from tacky/funny cards to heartfelt congratulatory cards.

Hide a Message At the Bottom of a Coffee Mug

You can buy coffee mugs online that feature a special message at the bottom – like, “We’re Pregnant”, or “Hi Daddy”. It might make him spit out his coffee, but it’s a cute way to tell your husband he’s going to be a father.

The Food Reveal

If you’ve been on Facebook at some point in the past 5 years, you’ve probably seen one of your friends do a “food reveal”, where they talk about how big their baby is at various stages of the pregnancy. You can do this to reveal the pregnancy to your husband.

For instance, cook your husband a plate of peas. Then, pick up a pea in your hand and look at it quizzically. When your husband inevitably asks what you’re doing, tell him something like, “I was just thinking that’s about how big your baby is right now”. Obviously, customize your food based on the week of your pregnancy.

Leave Out a Baby Toy, a Pacifier, or Something Similar

This reveal is easy and you can use it after you give birth. Buy a pacifier, baby food, diapers, a teddy bear, or some other baby care item. Leave it on your coffee table or kitchen table and wait for your husband to make the connection.

A Father’s Day Card

This one works great if you find out you’re pregnant in June. However, it can work well at any time of the year. Make your husband a Father’s Day card. Or, buy a Father’s Day card in June. Then, wait until you’re pregnant to give him the card. This is another reveal that will take a few seconds, then will suddenly register on his face. Also a balloon reveal.

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