Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon Reveals

Announce your boy or girl with a bang! Confetti has helped us celebrate for centuries and where better to celebrate with clouds of floating color than a gender reveal? Confetti is a spectacular way to reveal the gender of your baby, especially for those planning to photograph the event. To create a precise moment of reveal, we pack colored confetti in a 12” cannon popper that provides the sight and sound reminiscent of a firework. Our cannons can be used indoors or outside.

Popular gender reveal ideas include having the parents-to-be fire off two cannons together. For the Instagram-ready couple, consider having a photographer capture the moment your friends and family fire the cannons over your heads–we’ve seen truly stunning works of art result from photos of these gender reveals!

Beware: Not all confetti cannons are created equally! Our gender reveal confetti cannons are specially sealed to prevent leaks that spoil the surprise.

Gender Reveal T-Shirt Reveals

Place your bets on the table and get your friends and family hyped for the big reveal with our gender reveal t-shirts. Whether you’re “Team Pink,” “Team Boy,” or simply “Here for the sex,” our line of t-shirts offer a fun way to show off your gender guess. Many of our customers purchase several of each to allow guests their own pick on the day of the reveal since all of our shirts are uni-sex.

Our gender reveal t-shirts are made of 100% ringspun cotton for a strong, soft, and breathable fabric. The pre-shrunk sizes, shoulder-taping, and quarter-turned tubular weaving provide a consistent and well-crafted fit for years to come. Choose from several graphic designs to give mom- and dad-to-be as well as their guests the option to choose their team.

Gender Reveal Burnout Reveals

Start your engines, race fans! Our gender reveal burnout packs have been specially designed to create voluminous clouds of colored powder without damaging your car like other products on the market. No more powder in your exhaust. No more stained paint jobs. No more potential engine damage. Have a worry-free celebration with our easy-to-use car tire burnout kit.

Each kit includes one black bag filled with pink or blue powder. Simply attach the bag by peeling the protective sticker and sticking the bag to your tire. Then step on the accelerator to create a burnout that bursts the bag. Many of our customers purchase additional kits to attach to other tires for an even grander spectacle.

Pick up a smaller practice pack to ensure your burnout reveal is perfectly planned.