Gender Reveal Confetti Reveals

Let your creativity run wild when you design your own unique gender reveal using our vibrant confetti. With one pound of blue or pink tissue paper confetti, you’ll have plenty of product to use directly for your reveal with some left over as decoration for your tablescape and other party decor.

Confetti can be placed in opaque balloons as part a reveal or placed inside transparent balloons in both pink and blue to decorate your party.

Choose from our shades of colors like Hot Pink, Light Pink, and Blue.

Gender Reveal Powder Reveals

Our safe, non-toxic gender reveal powders allow you to create your own dramatic celebration. We provide highly pigmented pink and blue powders to provide vibrant colors that photograph very well.

One 5-lb kit of blue or pink powder is enough to plan your own unique reveal. We’ve seen wonderful reveals using powder in a specially designed sports ball (such as a plastic baseball) that bursts on impact. Other popular choices for powder include filling and popping balloons or powder tosses where guests throw up cups of powder for a great photo opp. Wash away unwanted colored powder with lukewarm water and mild soap or purposefully dye white shirts during the reveal for a keepsake memento.

Gender Reveal Tannerite Reveals

This one’s for the gun enthusiasts and special effects lovers! The most explosive of all gender reveals, our specially formulated gender reveal powder can be combined with tannerite for a stunning display of pink or blue smoke. A tannerite will provide the biggest sonic boom and largest cloud of color of any gender reveal product on the market.

Our tannerite kits include 5 lbs of pink or blue powder in a leak-proof, opaque black bag. Provide your own tannerite powder to create a truly photo-worthy reveal.

Tannerite gender reveals are most often conducted by activating the explosive properties with a rifle. We recommend firing from at least 100 yards and setting the target in a safe area free of dry brush and flammable debris.

Gender Reveal Box Reveals

Calling all creative minds! Our box gender reveal kit is the most customizable product we offer. Decorate your box with our provided signage, and then go wild adding your own touch with decorations such as construction paper shapes or paint. 

Our kit includes:

  • 15 balloons (11” latex)
  • 6 ounces of colored confetti
  • Digital sign

Our box reveals can be set up in two different ways. Fill your balloons with helium and leave the box on the floor to allow the pink or blue to float out of the opened box. You can also hang your box like a pinata and pull down to have air-filled balloons and confetti drop.

For maximum photo quality, we recommend having your digital sign printed professionally or at a Walgreens, FedEx, or Staples. You can even order prints online with companies like VistaPrint.

Gender Reveal Balloon Reveals

Our giant gender reveal balloons are the perfect way to get siblings involved. Simply fill our 36” balloon with the provided pink or blue confetti and inflate with air or helium. A pinprick is all it takes to create a shower of color!

Choose between our fun pre-printed slogans and add on decorative ribbons and balloon weights to round out your reveal experience. Our gender reveal balloons are made of thick, gold or black material to completely obscure the confetti inside.

We suggest using a nozzle adapter at a party goods store to inflate the balloons with helium to keep them buoyant all day.

Gender Reveal Smoke Cannon Reveals

Create a theatrical gender reveal worthy of a Broadway show with our specially designed gender reveal smoke cannons. We love smoke cannons for the “Wow!” moment full of sound and color explosion without all the clean-up of a confetti cannon. This is another great reveal for social media announcements thanks to the photogenic nature of the colored powder.

Our gender reveal smoke cannons are packed full of environmentally friendly powder to create HUGE clouds of blue or pink. Choose between 18” and 24” cannons to customize the size of your clouds. Fire the cannons straight up for a “sky reveal” or have the couple fire together for a picture perfect moment. We have also seen great success in families wearing white shirts and having a fun battle scene that colors the shirts as a keepsake memento. (But don’t worry–unintentional coloring can be easily washed away with water!)

Our 12” smoke cannons are designed with care to ensure there are no powder leaks to spoil the fun before your big surprise reveal.