Are Gender Reveal Parties For The First Child Only?

Gender reveal parties are an exciting event for new parents. However, since gender reveal parties are a new trend, people are left with some uncertainty – like, should you only host a gender reveal party for your first child? Or should you host one for every child?

Let’s be honest: the first kid is always the most exciting kid. It’s a totally new experience. You remember everything – the first walk, the first words, the first birthday, and the first family trip. You remember most of these things with your second, third, and fourth kids – but it’s never going to have quite the same level of meaning.

That’s why many parents are on the fence: should you host gender reveal parties only for your first kid? Or should you host them for every kid?

If You Have a Gender Reveal Party for your First Kid, Then You Should Have Them for Future Kids

Your kids are going to have a natural rivalry as they grow up. Siblings always do. If you have a gender reveal party for one child, and not for another, then you’re giving your firstborn child ammunition for the rest of his or her life!

The answer is: no. Gender reveal parties are not just for your first kid. They’re for all your kids.

If you have 8 or 9 kids, then people could start to get sick of your gender reveal parties. Your invites may start to get declined.

However, your close friends and relatives will always care about the gender of your next child – whether it’s your second kid or your seventeenth kid.

Besides – the more gender reveal parties you have, the better you’ll get at planning them! You can even re-use decorations and props between parties.

Your Current Children Can Get Involved in Future Gender Reveal Parties

There’s one great advantage to having a gender reveal party for your second, third, and fourth kids: your current children can join the fun!

Many parents who are expecting their second child will involve their firstborn in the next gender reveal. The kid may smash a piñata, for example. Or, the child may be the one who opens the box to release the helium balloons.

Ultimately, your first gender reveal party was a celebration of two expectant parents entering the next stage of their lives. Your next gender reveal party is a celebration of your growing family.

Consider Inviting Different People to your Second, Third, and Fourth Gender Reveal Parties

Gender reveal parties are an exciting moment for close friends and close family. Many of your friends and distant family, however, will be just as happy to learn your child’s gender through your upcoming Facebook post.

With that in mind, you should consider changing the invitation list for your next gender reveal party. Your first gender reveal party is extra exciting because it’s your first child. As you have a second, third, and fourth kid, however, then people may start to lose exuberance.

Your best friends and closest family will always care about the gender of your next child. However, distant family and friends may not be as concerned.

There’s an obvious exception here: if you hosted a fun, unforgettable gender reveal party the first time, then people will want to come to your future gender reveal parties. The best gender reveal parties keep every guest entertained – you might have drinking games for younger friends and relatives, for example, and a comfortable sitting area for older relatives. You could have toys and pink and blue silly string for younger guests.

Ultimately, if you threw a good party the first time around, then people will come to your second, third, fourth, and 25th gender reveal parties. So no – gender reveal parties are not for your first child only.

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