How to Announce a Pregnancy

So you found out you’re pregnant. Now, you need to tell everyone important to you. Today, we’re explaining the best ways to announce a pregnancy. On this list, you’ll find some popular new trends and some time-honored ways to announce a pregnancy.

Show your Special Photo to Loved Ones Before You Post on Social Media

In this day and age, most people use social media. However, older friends and relatives probably don’t use it as frequently as younger ones. Yes, it’s easy to post a cute pregnancy reveal on social media, but it’s not always the most inclusive way to tell your friends and relatives.

Here’s a good compromise: take your cute social media photo, then show it to your loved ones in a special reveal party. Take your relatives out for dinner, for example, and pass the photos down the table.

Alternatively, mail the announcement to loved ones with a special message.

Once you’ve told the people closest to you, you can post it on social media guilt-free.

Give Away Personalized Fortune Cookies

If you’re feeling extra creative, and don’t mind putting in extra work, then you can reveal your pregnancy through a fortune cookie. It’s not that hard to bake fortune cookies at home. Of course, some people just slip a piece of paper into a store-bought fortune cookie. Or, slide a piece of paper into a fortune cookie you got as part of your Chinese restaurant order. This is a great way to turn your romantic “night in” into a special pregnancy announcement.

The Food Comparison Reveal

Food reveals are popular on social media. You know the ones I’m talking about: someone posts a photo of their ultrasound, or their belly, or of an innocent piece of food. Then, they post a caption saying something like “Our baby is as big as this pea”. Check a sizing guide online and post the appropriate food.

Alternatively, some people do this in-person. It’s a cute way to tell your friends and family about a pregnancy. Serve a bowl of grapes to your husband, for example, then pick up a grape and look at it with a weird look in your eyes. When he inevitably asks what you’re doing, say something like, “I was just thinking that this grape is about the size of our child right now”.

Reveal It Through your Favorite Hobby

Whether you’re revealing it to your husband, or you’re revealing it to friends and family, it’s easy to reveal a pregnancy through your favorite hobby.

If you like hiking, then climb a mountain and spell out your due date using rocks, for example, and take a picture. If you like kayaking, then have a professional photographer take a photo of the two of you kayaking with a baby’s life jacket between you. There are all sorts of ways to take this. Remember: people announce pregnancies every day. try to make yours unique, and people will remember it for a long time.

Involve your Current Family – Whether They’re Humans or Pets

Many couples involve dogs or cats in a pregnancy announcement. This one is popular if your dog or cat was your first “kid” – i.e. the first thing you and your partner raised together.

You can post a social media photo featuring your dog with a sign around his neck indicating your due date. Or, if you’re looking for a more personal pregnancy announcement, you can call your dog into a room filled with loved ones carrying that same sign around his neck.

Use Baby Toys and Baby Supplies

Whether it’s baby food, diapers, a pacifier, or cuddly toys, baby supplies make it pretty obvious what you’re expecting. Leave a pack of diapers on your kitchen table before your partner gets home from work. Ask your friends if they want to go shopping with you, then casually pick baby supplies off the shelf. It’s cheesy and lacks the drama of other reveals, but it’s still cute.

“Grandpa” and “Grandma” Reveals

These types of pregnancy announcements are easy and adorable. Take your parents or in-laws out to lunch. Give them a gift box. Inside that gift box you can place a baby item that says “Grandpa” or “Grandma” on it. obviously, this works really well if your parents or in-laws are having their first grandchild. You can find baby bibs that say things like, “I love grandma” on it, for example.

“Big Brother” and “Big Sister” Reveals

Get your kid a shirt that says, “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” on it. This one obviously works well if they’re old enough to read and understand what the shirt means. However, at any age, it makes a cute photo to send to loved ones or share to social media.

To make this reveal even more dramatic, you can have your child wear the shirt to a family gathering. Have them make a dramatic entrance to a family barbecue, for example. Or, let a loved one hold your child until they see the shirt they’re wearing.

Decorate Cupcakes, Cakes, Boxes of Chocolates, and Other Desserts

Make a box of chocolates. Label each chocolate with a letter that spells out “We’re Going to Be Parents”. Or, make cupcakes that say “Daddy” and “Mommy” on it. You can write it in icing or buy cake toppers that tell the news for you. Hand out the cupcakes during a family event, or bring out dessert to a loved one after dinner.

Make It Yours!

Ultimately, thousands of new pregnancy announcements are posted on social media every hour. It’s hard to be unique in this day and age. However, with a little thought and creativity, you can make a pregnancy announcement that your loved ones remember forever.

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