Gender Reveal Smoke Cannon Reveals

Create a theatrical gender reveal worthy of a Broadway show with our specially designed gender reveal smoke cannons. We love smoke cannons for the “Wow!” moment full of sound and color explosion without all the clean-up of a confetti cannon. This is another great reveal for social media announcements thanks to the photogenic nature of the colored powder.

Our gender reveal smoke cannons are packed full of environmentally friendly powder to create HUGE clouds of blue or pink. Choose between 18” and 24” cannons to customize the size of your clouds. Fire the cannons straight up for a “sky reveal” or have the couple fire together for a picture perfect moment. We have also seen great success in families wearing white shirts and having a fun battle scene that colors the shirts as a keepsake memento. (But don’t worry–unintentional coloring can be easily washed away with water!)

Our 12” smoke cannons are designed with care to ensure there are no powder leaks to spoil the fun before your big surprise reveal.

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