Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon Reveals

Announce your boy or girl with a bang! Confetti has helped us celebrate for centuries and where better to celebrate with clouds of floating color than a gender reveal? Confetti is a spectacular way to reveal the gender of your baby, especially for those planning to photograph the event. To create a precise moment of reveal, we pack colored confetti in a 12” cannon popper that provides the sight and sound reminiscent of a firework. Our cannons can be used indoors or outside.

Popular gender reveal ideas include having the parents-to-be fire off two cannons together. For the Instagram-ready couple, consider having a photographer capture the moment your friends and family fire the cannons over your heads–we’ve seen truly stunning works of art result from photos of these gender reveals!

Beware: Not all confetti cannons are created equally! Our gender reveal confetti cannons are specially sealed to prevent leaks that spoil the surprise.

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